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If you remember, the new TV shows aired on the UPN (which was a Paramount company). UPN paid a licensing fee back to Paramount Studios to create the TV series and in doing so UPN now owned the TV shows which they produced. When the companies split and UPN went to CBS (and ultimately became The CW) ownership of the TV series went to CBS. Hence you now have the series owned by CBS and the movies owned by Paramount.

Originally Posted by starbase63 View Post
But what confuses me is how Star Trek as an entity can be tm and (c) by CBS Studios, yet also tm and (c) by Paramount Pictures when there is so much overlap between the two, especially in the TOS and TNG there some kind of sharing thing going on, or is, for example, for copyright purposes the character of Captain Kirk as seen in the tv episodes considered a separate character from Captain Kirk as seen in the movies and so on?

Even on the TWOK Enterprise that's out, it carries both a (c) for CBS and a (c) for Paramount...
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