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Default Cap this pic (mostly ST-related)!

So, I thought that this would be fun. The first person (me) will include a picture (that is somehow related to Star Trek), and the next few posters hafta make up some caption for the scene. Then, someone else can add a new picture to caption (there's no real rules on when to add another image - and if people might still wanna work on the caption for a previous pic, then they can - including the image might be helpful).

This first image is from June of last year with three of the HEROES cast (George Takei, Jack Coleman, and Zachary Quinto, and my first caption from back then follows, and it's a little more HEROES-related):

George: Even after seeing your choice, I forgot, scissors does beat paper!
Jack (thinking to himself): Zach's got those two marks in real life!

Then, a little later (the password's "shanti", w/o quotes), I thought of the following (just thought it was funny, since Zach hadn't been cast as Spock yet):

George: Seriously!?! You're kidding, right? That is sooo not Spock's "Live Long and Prosper" greeting!
Jack (thinking to himself): Oh, man - I'm sitting here with Sulu and the world's worst fanboy who truly wants to be thought of as a Trekkie... Nice.

So there ya go, the first pic to caption. Let's see whatcha got!

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