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Their was this lady, and I can not remember her name but she was in Trekkie's I think, and she had jury duty here in Little Rock one year. She wore a TNG uniform everyday and when she had Jury Duty, she was told to serve in the jury she would have to wear normal clothes because her costume would be too distracting.

But to her it was not a costume, but rather a symbolism for what Star Trek meant, and that she strongly believed in its message. But, she did not change her uniform, so they did not let her serve on the jury.

I remember meeting her once when I worked at Q-Zar. Her and her friends were very nice, and where in full uniform.

In some cases, some fans of Star Trek are too obsessive with Canon this, and Canon that. But in her case, and the character from the West Wing, some fans just truly embrace Star Treks over all message.
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