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Originally Posted by sir num nums View Post
I think she would as well.

However, after Starfleet had the chance to review everything they went through, I am sure most of the stuff the crew did , that was wrong, would be forgiven. I mean, they did single handedly destroy the Borg.

And the Moque(never could spell that right) were forgiven during season 4, so they would be OK.
Maquis did indeed get amnisty in season 4. I doubt they destoryed the Borg, incovienced them for a time, yes. But it seems the Queen has personas in alot of places.

So you think they'd "punish" her with a promition? Just joking.

I oftem wondered if Janeway would have to go to bat for 7 to keep Starfleet from cuting her apart for technological ideas?
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