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Originally Posted by USSWINGER View Post
i cant believe it,,, i copy for you read it...

From: The Official Star Trek Convention
Date: Jan 31, 2008 12:52 AM

We're beaming because the Star Trek franchise will be back at warp speed -- on Dec. 25, starring a new generation including Chris Pine, Eric Bana, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg and our beloved pointy-eared Vulcan, Leonard Nimoy, whom we portray proudly on our profile picture while on stage at the 2007 Las Vegas Star Trek Convention.

In an interview with IGN , Anton Yelchin (playing Checkov) said that he had been signed on for three movies. Star Trek Is Back ! Go Fans! Keep up your support.

Join us at Grand Slam in Burbank to hear more!


Woo-Hoo, Ya-ha, Baybay! That just thrills me all to pieces. Now, I'm going to be hooked on Star Trek message boards for years to come.
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