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Are you kidding me? Of course she would.

First there would be panels and debates and studies about how the Voyager ended up in the Delta Quadrant, why, and how this can be prevented from happening again. This would need Janeway to spend at least two years whith questionings and paper stuff.

Then there would be questions about each and every little incident on Voyagers loooooong journey. Another two years.

At the very end there would be an inquiry about altering the timeline. Another two years.

Janeway should be round about 89 years old before interest in her voyages would fade away. But even then she would be invited at this university, that scientific panel, this Starfleet symposium, not to mention all the calls she would get from journalists and book authors for the rest of her life.

There would be articles questioning her decisions, accusing her of working together with terrorists (the maquis), etc. etc. yadda, yadda.

The whole package, I guess.

PS: Not to mention how much time she would have to spend in explaining every shuttle crash. That all alone should take her a few years.
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