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Originally Posted by Ditroi View Post
I did the centaur because I just like them and thought they would bring a new physicality... I did Medusa because again she brought a different body type that spawned other ideas about her.... Mermaid because there are watery planets with water based intelligent lifeforms(ENT) they would have conquered and settle... I want a flying one because... there are gas planets that are inhabited too... so assimilation of them... the Borg can't bring the water or gas(snicker) aliens onto the cube... they won't be able to move... they use them to conquer worlds bipeds can't traverse to adapt for their own use... I think after I figure out which flying one I do then I'll stop. And do something else...
On a whole diffrent idea...what about...the knights of the round table and King Arthur borgafied? We know the Borg time travel...
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