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Default Run, Steve. Run

The show was a favorite of mine during high school. I read Martin Caidin's novel "Cyborg" from which the series was based. While I ejoyed the first movie, the subsequent movies "Wine, Women and War" and the "Solid Gold Kdnapping" played too much like James Bond.

Thankfully, they made it a series. I remember watching the first episode entitled "Population: Zero" where this frustrated scientist used a hyper-sound device against Steve’s hometown. He discovered bionic’s vulnerability for extreme cold and locked Steve inside a freezer container. Steve broke out and then staggered through the desert until his bionics warmed up.

I ran track in high school and I’ll always remember Lee Major’s slow-mo run to save the day. What a great stride he had. He ripped up the pole from the ground, carried in on his shoulder and then threw it like a javelin. Big explosion, cheers all round.
Some time ago I heard they were going to re-make $6mill and Jim Carrey would star as Steve Austin. Thank God that went away. Last year the "Bionic Woman" seemed promising but it too was short lived.
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