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Metalbeasty (bless his little metal head) wrote:
Elizadolots intrigues me. Obvious intelligence with a Kirstie/Savik avatar! What's not to like? Though do to my lazy reading early on with this forum I'll probably always think of her as 'Eliza-dots'. Sorry Eliza(and great pun, that name).
Thanks...I love to be intriguing...Background on the handle is that when I first ventured off my original board ( The Dominion) I found my preferred handle was taken so adopted Elizadolots (as opposed to Eliza Doolittle...I was a parent of a young child..I did not do LITTLE!)...and have never had a problem registering as Elizadolots...after almost 12 years with Eliza as a handle, I have to admit that "she" is part of me.

Thanks to Ron Salon for the signature banner!
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