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Oh, how about "Fantastic Journey?" With Roddy McDowell, Jarred Martin and Ike Einsamann? A group of people disappear into the Bermuda Triangle, and team up with people from other times/worlds, and begin working their way through various "zones" trying to find ways back to their own homes...

There was also a cool pilot, I'm not sure if it ever went to series or not, of something called "Otherworld" which was about a family in much the same situation, only trapped in a fascist, totaltarian society on the other side of an Egyptian pyramid "doorway."

Or how about "The Stranger" about an astronaut who ends up on a facist, alternate world...

Or the Starlost, about two kids on the run from an Amish biosphere aboard a huge space ark...

Or "The Imortal" about a guy who is immortal, on the run from.... Oh, hell, you get the idea...

Ever notice how many shows have people on the run from some kind of nazi-like society, or else are some kind of science fiction version of "The Fugative?" Just shows a lack of imagination on the parts of the producers...
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