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Default Extension to "Star Trek, Think It's Our Future?"

For you science people out there I was nuclear power efficient?

I'm a huge science fiction fan...and when it comes to power generation I've watched amazing stuff...zpm's (stargate), quantum singularity, etc
I'm in the process of studying chemistry in physics in college to better understand it but for now could any of you answer it?

will we find a (better?) power source other than nuclear?

i ask this because right now the best we got in interstellar travel was project orion, im not sure what it is now never looked into it...
are we coming closer to perfecting matter-antimatter power generation/something equivalently as efficient or have we reached a temporary peak?

thanks all...sorry livingston i forget to "cite" you...i only put the title of YOUR topic
dont worry...biologists are welcome to :]
and fan has a good point in the last line

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