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Originally Posted by Zardoz View Post
I'm going to agree to disagree. You are comparing a real life naval ships to SF/Fantasy Starhips, which keep their basic forms (overall) and placement of major comonets (Nacelles, defectors, ect) has to be the same because we a fans expect them to be there.

I don't disagree diffrent classes of real life naval ships are totally diffrent in configurations at all.

But when it coems to Star Trek, just about ALL the ships, one can point to where the nacelle, defectors dish, bridge, ect are. Even someone who doesn't really watch the show can tell.

In real life a situation lkek this would never, ever happen in the US navy for example.

But Star Trek is drama/sf/fantasy. It was dramatic for Kirk to go (I still think logical)if for no other reason. We don't know what Scotty was doing for sure, but I assume he wasn't playing Pac-Man.

Your opion and debates have been good, but when it comes down to it, comparing real life navy ships and trek ships is liek comparing apples and hand grenades.
On Naval ships the bridge, mess hall, engine rooms, screws, etc are all in generally the same place. But the specific equipment (like Kirk would have had to find) could be in vastly different places. In a crisis, as the B was, he didn't have time to go running around looking for it.

Trek military structure is nearly identical to Naval structure. Ranks, ships, very familiar. The comparison is valid. You can point to where the bridge is the bow of the ship, the stern...just like with star trek ships.

For the plot of the story to work Kirk had to be in the control room, alone. But I just don't think in a real crisis that would have happened.
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