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I also think that starship captains have to be engineers of some sorts too. They have to know generally how their ship works so, while they may not be advanced specialists like engineers are, they do know how to swap out basic control circuits of various systems in an emergency. Picard, Sisko, Janeway, and even Archer were all seen occasionally removing an access panel to some system and doing a little emergency mechanical surgery every once in a while...
Of their ships/commands. On ships/commands they were intimately knowledgeable of. Picard, prior to Encounter at Farpoint hadn't commanded a ship for 9 years. So it is reasonable to say he had a part in the construction etc of the ship. Sisko actually helped design the Defiant. But in a crisis, they didn't do the work, somebody else did. Janeway wasn't that far removed from being a peon when she took command of Voyager and because there were no starbases, probably had to take a more active role. Kirk was not intimately knowledgeable about the Enterprise B. Even watch TOS more, when he actually had to operate a control, it looked like he was hesitant.
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