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Originally Posted by trekgeekscott View Post
I am not arguing with them having a skeleton crew. But there were a lot of officers on that bridge. All of which, at that moment, had better knowledge of the layout of that ship.

Bad Assumption. US Naval vessells layout vary greatly by ship class and though most equipment can likely be found in a similar location on a ship it wont be exactly where it is on another class vessell. I would assume that is more likely.

In a crisis situation, you need someone who knows where the equipment is located exactly...not someone who has to stop and ask for directions.

And what did he do? We have no way of knowing. With your argument, Scotty would have had more knowledge of the ship design that Kirk, probably wrote half the tech manuals. Plus he worked on the Excelsior giving him more knowledge of the specific system that needed modifying and HOW to do it quickly.

I am sorry, but with the fuel and source of energy they use being essentially a great big bomb that can blow them up at any moment...I find it really hard to believe they would leave spacedock without someone to closely monitor those engines...especially on a new ship that hasn't done a shakedown cruise.

Again, during a need someone who just knows where to go, not someone who needs to stop for directions.

And that is the only reason that Harriman should have stayed.

Which means Scotty should have gone. Look, All I am saying is that realisitically if it wasn't for the story necessity, Kirk would not have been the one to be sent to the deflector control room. He was once an Admiral, Commanded starships...didn't do maintenance in decades and only really had a cursory knowledge of where and how. I had to suspend my disbelief that Kirk knew how to do exactly what needed to be done.
I'm going to agree to disagree. You are comparing a real life naval ships to SF/Fantasy Starhips, which keep their basic forms (overall) and placement of major comonets (Nacelles, defectors, ect) has to be the same because we a fans expect them to be there.

I don't disagree diffrent classes of real life naval ships are totally diffrent in configurations at all.

But when it coems to Star Trek, just about ALL the ships, one can point to where the nacelle, defectors dish, bridge, ect are. Even someone who doesn't really watch the show can tell.

In real life a situation lkek this would never, ever happen in the US navy for example.

But Star Trek is drama/sf/fantasy. It was dramatic for Kirk to go (I still think logical)if for no other reason. We don't know what Scotty was doing for sure, but I assume he wasn't playing Pac-Man.

Your opion and debates have been good, but when it comes down to it, comparing real life navy ships and trek ships is liek comparing apples and hand grenades.
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