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Originally Posted by trekgeekscott View Post

But in an emergency situation, you would need to send someone who knows exactly where the equipment...not just the And I doubt Kirk would have knowledge that specific on this particular ship's design.

What was Scotty doing to keep the ship together? pushing buttons? Anyone could have done that...

As for not having a chief engineer on board, I seriously doubt they would even do a milk run (which would involve use of the engines) without having an officer on board IN CHARGE of those engines. Having served in the Navy myself, I can say that no US Navy ship is leaving port without an engineering crew.

I wont argue with you on that point...but Scotty or Harriman both would have had better knowledge than Kirk would have at that point.

You're probably right about Harriman staying on his bridge. But Kirk wasn't the best option. If I had to choose between sending Harriman or Kirk, I would have sent Harriman because of his ship knowledge and left Kirk doing what he always had done best, in command of the ship for that moment.
I agree

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