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Originally Posted by Quark View Post
I would have protested Kirk wanting to go down to fix the deflector relays. I would have said, "No Captain, I understand you want me to be on the bridge. But as Captain, I should have known better than to leave drydock unprepared for situations such as these. I wouldn't want your death on my conciouns...Not that you're going to die, but as I've heard Mr. Spock say time, and time again, 'There are always possibilities.' "

*I mean, if you watch the film again, you can see how Harriman is almost hoping for Kirk to volunteer to go. There isn't one glance of thought or hesitivity after Kirk says he could take care of it.* But that's just me. Any other suggestions or thoughts on this?
Well, the ship not being fully functional was Starfleet's decision, not Harriman's. Starfleet wanted the press oppertunity and a PR goldmine of having Kirk on the E-B. This was just a short jaunt around the solar system, not actaul duty.

I allways sensed that Harriman was second guessing only because Kirk, hero of the fleet was there.

Kirk and Harriman realized it was better for Harriman to stay on the bridge of his ship, at that time, Kirk was the most expendable crew member on board.
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