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Originally Posted by Enterprise Captain View Post
The second article states that "They wanted to start a family but health problems meant (Nancy) Roberts could not conceive." In the first article I posted it stated that Roberts had a hysterectomy and that is why Beatie decided to carry the child. The second article also states that Beatie stopped taking his hormone injections and waiting for his period to return before trying to conceive.
There you have the very individual and complex reasons .

To Zardoz: I believe that in a perfect society, where gender boundaries would not be seen that strict anymore, the problems of transgender people would not vanish, but would be much easier to live with. How many men do you know, that do not allways fit in all the criterias for male and how many women that are not allways female? I know women who state they are gay men in a womans body and mean: Often I feel very male and often I do not like the female role, on other days I enjoy to be a woman and damn, I sexually feel atracted to men.

Thats why sexuality is such a complicated and individual thing.

PS: Oh, and with the norm I only mean statistical values as in most men and women prefer this and that, not as in there is a "natural" norm and an "unnatural" exception. The concept of natural and unnatural is highly misleading anyway. Is civilization unnatural? Its not nature. Anyway...
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