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Originally Posted by Oregon_Coast_Trekkie View Post
So, this person wanted to be a man, but also wanted to bear children...? I guess I'm just narrow-minded and don't understand...
As far as I know there are many men out there that want to become father. You are not narrow minded. If you read a bit about the concepts of gender and the sociology behind it, then you will realize what I tryed to point out in earlier posts. A sex change is not just a woman becoming a man or vice versa. Because all concepts of male and female are for the most part social constructions that have complex meanings in complex contexts the reasons for transgender people to do the sex change are equally individual and complex.

So, he is a man who wanted to have a child and for one or another reason decided to become pregnant was to way to do it. Its possible for him, because he was born as a woman. Our constructed concepts of male and female dont apply here because they are about the norm, this is the exeption.
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