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Yes, monogamy is the answer! It's all the fault of those evil promiscuous people... and uh, introveineous drug users... and blood transfusions... and...

The problem here is, you think the disease cares about your moral stance.

It doesn't.

All it wants to do is transfer from one bloodstream to another. I've heard this argument before... AIDS would disappear overnight, if gays stopped having sex! Or if people refrained from anything deviating from the missionary position with the lights off! It's all a bunch of BS.

So, what if we redefined "monogamy" to include swing groups who have all had their six month STD panels done? Wouldn't a group of, say, 20 people, all having sex with one another, but still not going outside that group, be just as safe as two? If that's the case, then isn't your pushing monogamy (the two partner only system) just your attempt to limit other people's freedom of sexual expression?

I've lost far too many friends to this insideious plauge. And to ad insult to injury, we had to put up with messages from the religious right telling us that it's "God's judgement" upon us. Now to hear people STILL talking about how the answer is to just limit other people's freedom just infuriates me.

We know what causes it. We know how it's transmitted. There are simple, cheap countermeasures that will slow, stop, and reverse the rate of people being infected. If anything will stop the spread of AIDS, it's more and better sex education, and the use of safer sex techniques. (condoms, rubber gloves, dental dams)
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