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Originally Posted by Chris Fawkes View Post
If society took the view that monogamy was consistent with reducing the spread of aids: (recognising that it is not always but mostly sexually transmitted).

A/ Would it?

No. Humas by nature, are not monogomus. They choose to enter into monogomus relationships. Are you willing to give up sex until you find "the right one?" I doubt it.

B/ If so is monogamy an obligation on us for the consideration of the community at large?

No. See A.

C/ If so (again) is marriage whilst not always perfect the best medium to bring this valuse into sharper focus?
Marrige/Monogamy are not mutally exclusive terms. I know lots of folks who have "open marriges", while not my bag persoanlly, they seem to like it. We have allways had STD's. The only diffrence is now we have one that kills, with minium protection you can avoid it. there's plenty of safe sex products out there ot cover every orafice.
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