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Originally Posted by Gary Seven View Post

Despite the lost, I hope you had a pleasant visit. You brought along 2,300 fans. That's quite a showing. Good luck with your season.
It was quite the trip I must say. I had a lot of fun despite the outcome and I look forward to doing it again. TFC has been apart of some big moments in MLS history and it’s been an honor to have been there for so many of them. This was just another one of more to come I'm sure. Here is a great article by Ben Knight who joined us for this historic trip and the bus he mentions in his article is the bus I was traveling on as well:

The Globe and Mail

Originally Posted by Oregon_Coast_Trekkie View Post
Those Canadians and there free health care... curses...

I personally don't care to much for that chant or the "Sub-prime mortgages!" one either as it has nothing to do with the game but no matter where you go in the world soccer and politics always seem to mix.

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