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Originally Posted by Chris Fawkes View Post
So back to the original question Would monogamy as a community value diminish the spread of aids?
Besides that victorian is not a dirty word, of course monogamy as a "comunity value" would diminish the spread of AIDS. But it comes with a prizetag on it:

To make it a "comunity value", one would have to engage in major public campaigns that declare sex before or outside of marriage an irresponsible act.
That would start the question why gays arent allowed to marry (wich I do not understand anyway). So one has to change the law from that perspective too.
Next stop, enforce this "comunity value". What means are justifyed to enforce it? Financial bonuses for marriage? Fines for pre-marriage sex? Or is public blame enough?
Result: More possibilities for envyous neighbours to spy into your life and start trouble.
Also consider how this "comunity values" will make sex something harmfull and dirty again.
And at this point we come to psychology. How do I feel when I strongly want something, that I am not allowed to get, because I am not married? What do you think? In my experience a bad concious for a very natural and healthy need is not a healthy thing.

Luckilly we have condoms. A lot cheaper from many perspectives, I think.
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