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No one asked if monogamy should be the only solution but simply would it be the most powerful.
I am happy to entertain a variety of opinions contrary to mine but the idea that one partner relationships will lead to psychological problems is about the silliest thing i've ever read.
In fact far more marriages worked when that was more of a community value.
Blaming sex? i think the original post answers that one. Of course sex is not the only way aids is transmitted but it is the most common way. So back to the original question Would monogamy as a community value diminish the spread of aids?

The most insipid argument though is to attack a value by giving it a derogatory label such as victorian or draconian. Lazy lazy arguement.
A value is determined by it's positive impact on us as individuals or as a community not simply because it was also followed by those from another time who may also have done other things wrong.
Of course this is basic which is why we want to jump to some silly suggestion that monogamy would indeed be bad for the community. We'll all end up in the asylum.
Do we really live in a time where technology is so advanced yet as individuals we cannot determine value based upon it's own merits and it's ultimate rewards for individuals and society?
Obligation is not a dirty word.
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