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Originally Posted by Botany Bay View Post
I have experienced that, several times in my life for several people.
However, perhaps you misinterprete the emotional state most people call love: Its not eternal or immediate by definition. The feeling can be enduring, for sure. It can stay long enough to base a lifelong relationship on it in some cases and they are not as rare as news papers want to make us think (but rare enough, they allways where). That the emotion of love can come and go doesnt make it not love. The colour red is red, eventhough the rose changes colour over time.
I can't understand this elusive thing you and others say you have experienced, simply due to the fact that i haven't experienced it myself. Until i do, i'm going to have to say i'm from Missouri on this one. That having been said, that last sentence of yours has to be one of the most touching things i've ever read. It should be part of a song or sonnet somewhere. Wonderful words my friend. Bravo.
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