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And worse, by declaring marriage and monogamy the only solution for the problem and therefore demanding marriage and monogamy as a social responsibility one excludes other solutions that fit other people needs better.

By this one would just exchange the one problem against another. Health is not only a matter of the body, but also of the psychology. Let me explain the obvious result:

Sex exposes people to the risk of AIDS. The more partners, the higher the risk. Thats a fact. To make monogamy and marriage the only solution leads automatically to the no-sex-before-marriage rule and also to the no-new-partnership-after-marriage.

We had that in former times. And if you allow yourself to read biographies of men and women from the thirties or the fifties you will realize the problem this creates for peoples psychology.

It just doesnt work as a rule that applies for everyone. Face it: Most people need good and satisfying sex to lead a happy life. And most people need experiences with different partners during their lifetime to achieve that.

And by the way: If one marries to be protected from certain risks in life I ask myself, wasnt partnership about love?
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