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One could extrapolate the logic: if monogamy is a great weapon against AIDS, then marriage rights should be extended to all couples, not just male/female.

On the other hand, how does marriage or society 'enforce' monogamy anyway. There are plenty of examples in medical records of one partner in a marriage not being monogamous and either contracting HIV or worse, giving it to their married partner (just like STDs, etc.).

Blaming sex for AIDS is an easy cop-out. What would have gone a LONG way to help slow or stop the spread of AIDS would have been a 1980s administration that didn't ignore the disease because it was a "gay problem."

Blood bank services and healthcare corporations who agreed to test their blood transfusion supplies instead of worrying about their profit margins would have slowed the spread of AIDS a great deal, too.

If we want to end AIDS, we don't need to promote monogamy or abstinence... that is simply old-style Victorian repression of the human sexual function. Instead, continue funding for treatment and vaccines, and increase funding for education and preventative methods which are clinically proven to reduce the risk of spreading or contracting HIV.

Fear and willing ignorance of a problem are never effective weapons to defeat it.

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