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But beware for ethanol at levels elevated
In liver cells, in cytosol, is dehydrogenated
NADH to NAD the ratio's distorted
There's aldehyde toxicity (as recently reported).

You may blame the awful toll of hangover sensation
To some higher alcohol, or simple dehydration
But don't forget that in one sense, beer, gin or brew illicit
Have metabolic consequence that's common and implicit.

Blood sugar low, the liver fat, they're also calorific
The moral therfore of all that is though we feel terrific
As we imbibe this christmastide, our life span's getting shorter
But whilst we're waiting till we've died - go easy on the water!

Harold Baum: "The Biochemists' Songbook"

"English! I thought I dreamed hearing it!"?
Khan, Space Seed (TOS)

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