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I agree with the argument that the death of a character doesn't have to be sentimental or crack up its audience to be a good scene, but I don't personally feel that a scene that happens to be sentimental is going to be necessarily crap, one example that comes to mind is the death of K'ehleyr, I think that seen is done very well and does a lot for its characters without doing much in the scene nor having much dialogue.

The death of Data on the other hand was pretty crap, it attempts to pull all the sentimental heart strings in the aftermath and ends up being hokey and coming across pretty flat for me, even though Data is one of my favourite characters.

With regards to the lighting in GEN, I liked that they had more ambient light coming through windows like the scenes in 10-forward, but I did think it was way to dark in most places. I think there was a middle ground screaming to get out that would have been best of both worlds.
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