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In my opinion GEN is a bad movie because it feels so discentered. Some open threads from TNG are continued or closed and combined with the Ent-B and Kirk but it never congeals to a coherent whole (and on a side-note, I am seemingly in the minority concerning the lightning of the D which I find far too extreme)
But I feel like defending ST09, a movie which I consider to be bad as well, back in the days against stupid accusations like the Delta Vega nonsense. Gee, that was one of the best sequences of the movie and it is not bad because of plot holes or whatever.

Same with the Nexus and Kirk's death in GEN, this was the best part of the movie and accusations of plot holes, sci-fi gimmicks doing what they are supposed to do or Kirk's death not being a tear-jerker (despite obviously never being written to be one, as I just pointed out the scenes had its subtle points) miss the point.
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