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I think it's safe to say that Kirk's death had less glory attached compared to Spock's and I admit that for me Spock's death carried a lot more emotional resonance, though that's probably in some ways because of the considerable buildup before Spock's actual last breath. In contrast Kirk's death was quicker and with much less fanfare, with his respective dialogue seeming to reflect that, so all in all quite fitting really.

For me the whole dying from the fall and being crushed under the metal bridge scaffolding was well done and the tone of how he got there and why he decided to help Picard was quite fitting. I do think though that the need to have Kirk there was feebly justified (if at all), the battling with Soren was anti-climatic and drab and as I've already said the way they each went about it wasn't exactly inkeeping with their characters.
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