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Originally Posted by Enterprise Captain View Post
Personally I would love to see this come together. I think it's a great idea and if executed well could be very interesting.
"But I actually wonder if the Very Serious Point bit, the optimism about a progressive, secular, interconnected vision of the future might actually be the bigger challenge for networks that are either skittish about politics or committed to a gritty, pessimistic take on them."

Yep, that's the entire problem of current Trek in a nutshell. The times are fairly reactionary so it is hardly surprising that Trek becomes reactionary crap as well.

About the suggestions, these hypothetical series could easily suffer from what Trek suffered in the nineties (more precisely, TNG since S3/S4 until the end of VOY): soap opera feeling. You could get the best of both worlds, make the universe feel large again and explore hitherto unseen parts of the Federation, if you did something like e.g. a 23rd century freighter series (and no need for this explicit reboot nonsense, who cares how the stuff looks as long as the stories sticks to the rough parameters of what Trek and the 23rd century should feel like).
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