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Maybe TV Trek did peak with the TOS/TNG/DS9 trinity......................

OK, I won't lie.........I think getting three TV series up and running is neither as simple as percieved nor a slam dunk once they are. He's kind of seemingly advocating a Marvel Cinematic Universe for 'Star Trek' on TV but the way you have to do that is lock yourself into a great deal of serialisation and forward planning. For me..........serialisation = Happy Days, but what happens if one fails to take off? How far ahead do you need to plan your stories and what happens if audiences don't dig one of your main strands? How do you course correct when you have three series to consider? There's a whole lot of practicalities to work out that I really don't think people like ourselves understand when coming up with some of this.

No, let's start with one and see how that goes. Now, a show that doesn't throw away the progressive future but portrays people themselves as being still an issue (or the old Whedon 'Firefly' angle of 'our technology will change but humans won't') is of much more interest. But that's because I prefer (when I'm not in the mood for fun) as I get older murkier stories which reflect the battle between idealism and pragmatism (by that token the S31 show would be of more interest if they can tidy up the cliche filled synopsis) but that's because I like the idealogical battle between those unable to do the dirty work that always needs done, and those who are willing to do that very same work but are vilified and excluded by the very people who they protect from threats and dangers they refuse to see exist because they don't want to know about it. If you're making an actual serious show. However I don't know a new show would be covering new ground either in doing that. But it could put a 'Star Trek' spin on it. Maybe since that was the underlying theme of Into Darkness that's why I can see past it's other admitted issues.

But that would likely be a darker show. I don't think that's strictly what a lot of fans clamour for. There's a lot of Trek of the bouncy fluffy kind with a happy neat ending and probably you go too far in one direction and then fans want to veer back the other way. There's an argument that at least when 'TNG' and 'DS9' were on air you could decide what you were in the mood for and then each would have a go at being the other inbetween sometimes as well. You could kind of do the same with 'VOY' and 'ENT' aside from them being inferior to their predecessors generally.

The argument about giving Trek some kind of relevance again in a world that has changed quite a bit (and yet also still has many of the same issues as well) since the 1960s is probably the biggest challenge and to be honest Trek as a whole has probably been spinning it's wheels on that front for some time. The additional problem for me though is that it's not on the film front that will be fixed. The films have always been too much fun side excursions and space adventures rather than heavyweight material. It would have to be on TV.
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