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Thanks for linking, I'll give him credit for going through the film point by point and relating it to his theories. I've read elsewhere religious interpretations and Biblical overtones from some of it's stronger advocates as well. I think there's definitely an element of that which can be read into it.

Funny thing about the negative one, because when I was watching the film in all honesty 'The Net' floated through my mind as well and I did think to myself 'This is like the 'The Net' for Technological Singularity theories'. I've still never seen 'The Lawnmower Man' though so I can't remark on that.

But I don't know what it is that creates empathy for a character or makes you care about what's actually happening in a film beyond the ideas it may possess. It's just one of those know when you care and you know when you don't. Even if, as you say, you can't always pinpoint exactly why when on paper all the right boxes appear to be ticked when you go in.
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