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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
Don't know the latest on the Prometheus sequel (other than a reported 2016 release date set) but I saw Transcendence and while the film is possesed of ideas about the Technological Singularity and a couple other things it's not a good movie that's been built around them. At all.
I finally had to see it because my friend wrote a very interesting blog about it. I knew what I was probably getting into, but I am utterly stunned by the film's inability to entertain or evoke emotion on any fracking level whatsoever. It clearly wanted to. It wanted to overwhelm and mystify with its beautiful artsy non-commercial pretentiousness. I don't understand what went wrong, but the movie just didn't engage me at all. It was truly awful. Even the stupidest blockbuster at least makes you feel something.

Could this be what watching Star Trek: The Motion Picture is like for someone who isn't even a fan? Maybe. But even that comparison somehow seems hard to imagine.

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