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Default Enjoyed the Dodgers vs D-backs game.

Wife an I attended the Dogers vs D-backs baseball game last night at the Sydney Cricket Ground. We both enjoyed it immensely. Bought a couple of LA Dodgers caps at $40 a pop, but drew the line at $40 for an American foot long Hot Dog! We had good tickets ($396 each - Free) and sat up and directly behind Home plate, about level with the middle of the net. Got to say three hours is a long time though, especially sitting on the hard plastic seats. Next time I'll take a thin cushion. Met a few Americans here and there, in the line for memorabilia, and sitting around us. Had to ask a few questions now and again, but on the whole it was pretty good and thanks to special parking we were able to get out and onto the Eastern Distributor, M2 and M7 freeways and back home to Penrith in around 45 minutes. Look forward to the next time.

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