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I thoroughly enjoyed "Lolani".

This episode hit all the right notes. Tugs at heartstrings in certain areas.

Excellent guest cast.
Lou Ferigno is a good actor. Plays a very convincing heavy (no pun intended). Seeing him in green again, I bet he was having Hulk flash backs.

Also among the guest cast was Daniel Logan, and if it's the same person I'm thinking of, he played young Boba Fett in Star Wars Episode II, and continued to voice young Fett in the Clone Wars animated series. He's a cool cat too. Got to meet him once. A real cut up....good with kids. Not that I have any kids, I just saw how cool he was around them.

Seeing Erin Gray was nice. Definitely showing her age in a low cut StarFleet TOS outfit , but her acting was enjoyable as always.

Excellent visuals and set production, top notch audio. Great story writing, and really good acting.

It's wild how these fan films are able to get a hold of some pro-actors for their productions. Phase II (Cawley's production) got Gil Gerard for "Kitumba" and now Continues got Erin Gray for "Lolani". Two of the best Trek fanfilm series out there got the two principals from Buck Rogers.

Fanfilms have certainly come a long way.

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