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It looks very good for fan-made stuff and who wouldn't like to see Gary Graham without the pointed ears but I think it is more than slightly preposterous to suggest this as a pilot for a new Trek series. I don't like the apocalyptic-rebel story notion. First of all there is ample of apocalyptic sci-fi out there, second Section 31 and other criminals saving the day is plain heretical (there are limits to what you can do with Trek unless you do not really care about it still being Trek besides in name).
Weak apocalyptic in this sense (GUINAN: With experience. When the Borg destroyed my world, my people scattered throughout the universe. We survived. As will humanity survive. As long as there's a handful of you to keep the spirit alive, you will prevail. Even if it takes a millennium.), yes, but after the authoritarian crapfestival named Battlestar Galactica I have little interest in seeing Trek going down the giant exodus road either.
What's wrong with good ol' very weakly apocalyptic like e.g. Picard constantly fighting to defend the Federation against the "enemy within"? This might not be particularly flashy or exciting but it is a hell of a lot more realistic, important and significant ... and above all it leads to better drama.
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