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That, and Manny Coto had a lot to do with improving Enterprise.

The big problem with trying to do a prequel series is conceptual, both visually and ideologically.

Our vision of the future in the 60's was radically different from the vision of the future in the 90's or 2000's.
On a visual level, how do we make technology look 100 years primitive compared to Kirk's time, and yet look cooler than the stuff we have present day, which looks cooler even than Kirk's tech? That was a big problem.

Ideologically, yeah, the crew had to be written up rather enthusiastic and impulsive. They are not constrained by the Prime Directive. They could get away with some stuff that future generations could not (without some creative maneuvering and log entries). Of course, their actions are a large part of why the PD was created in the first place.

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