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I totally agree with everything you said.

About Neelix, I wanna add that I do not think it was a coincidence that it was precisely the seemingly most open-minded "let's immediately embrace new people" fellow who treated Tuvok like this. Political correctness is often quite racist on the second glance (My favourite example is the term Native American which is utterly racist, it implies that these guys belong to nature whereas White people brought culture to the continent. Indian is a much better term as it is an eternal monument to White man's stupidity.)

About ENT, I do not think that Blalock or the other actors who played Vulcans were particularly good (I have a weakness for Graham's Soval though). I think it were rather the scripts which made the Vulcans become interesting again. In my opinion ALL the stories which focus on the Vulcans are good whereas stories which deal with a particular Vulcan (of course mostly T'Pol) are sometimes good and sometimes bad. If TOS was the series which explored one Vulcan ENT was the show which explored Vulcankind (interestingly Shran was basically like Spock in this respect, i.e. an unfamiliar species was explored mainly via one character).
Take Fusion. I do not think that the acting of the bad guy who mind-rapes T'Pol is that good (I like the actor though who plays the guy who did not have contact with his terminally ill father but changed his mind) but it was beautiful to have an episode which shows the benefits and problems of "easing up". Before this episode came along one story contained only an argument for (TFF) or against (24th century Spock) Vulcan orthodoxy.
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