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Thanks for your quickie review on the Galaxy class, Roysten. Sounds like it might be a decent texturing source then, should I decide to build a 3D model of that class of ship.

Yeah, I'm looking forward to quite a few of the models from the Official Starships Collection, many of them are ships that have never been released as models in any form least, not as any models of quality.

I used to have a massive MicroMachines collection of ships from both Star Trek and Star Wars (and heck, even ALIENS). Some ships I had three copies of. They came in handy when my friend and I used to play the old FASA Star Trek Starship Combat Simulator board game.

I think, from Eaglemoss, I have thus far ordered the Galaxy Class, the Excelsior, the Reliant, the K't'inga, and the Defiant. I'm not even sure if I ordered the DS9 replica. But there are supposed to be 65 ships in all, from the movies and all the series (excepting maybe the animated series...since, sadly, it's not considered canon).

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