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Nice little review there Martok, I got the Ent-D EM model a few weeks ago, which I think is very detailed. It's all good solid plastic with I think all the hull lettering, the torpedo launchers funnily enough aren't coloured or anything, the windows again are painted but the escape pods are all embossed, though I don't remember then being so white on the onscreen ship! The ship does have aztecing and is a seamless blend of plastic and metal. The only gaff I've noticed is are the phasers on the top of the snakeshead of the stardrive module - they're the same colour as the transporter emitters (I think that's what they are) and not the dark grey that the rest of the phasers are, also the maneourvering thrusters aren't painted. No real complaints though, it's a lovely model to look at. I'm glad you're enjoying yours!

Personally I'm greatly looking forward to the Nebula and Akira class ships, which I've never owned before.
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