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Can't disagree with much of that. A newcomer watching the shows from the first time now may enjoy a lot of Ent, like you say good eps and bad eps like any other show, they may then go on to watch TNG or another show and find it repetitive. I guess that's the curse of having the same people churning out the stuff for over 15 years more or less solidly, full credit to them for such a colossus effort, I can't really imagine how difficult that is, but at the same time a few fresh ideas or a bit of fresh blood thrown into the mix surely can't hurt.

Though coming back back to my original comments regarding Oasis. Repetition and rehashes aside, it is simply just a bit boring. You had a ship of new characters, a new ship in general, almost a new universe to do with as you please and the result is something that adds nothing to the characters, nothing to the ongoing story and has a weak message about overprotective parents that falls flat, and all this only 15 or so episodes in. If it was a bottle show to recoup money then fair enough, but TNG proved through Drumhead that this doesn't have to mean that you can't do a compelling story.

Suppose it's only fair that I put what I'd do had it been me writing the ep (which may be complete rubbish of course). Keeping the basic premise I wouldn't have pushed the horror element, I think it makes for quite a nice opener but I would have dropped the mystery and had the fact the crew were holograms out straight away. They wanted to make it a cute Trip love story, fair enough we'll keep that and expand on it all, have Trip have heart-to-hearts with people as to why he feels so strongly about it, maybe delve into his character a bit more and create some back story. Also go further into the father's reasoning rather than his shaky excuse about being the cause of the crash.

I accept that this may have been a bit risky, as Trek episodes oh so often put in a last minute bit of jeopardy when they feel the main story is a bit risky. I'd rather move away from that, maybe at a push put in a small B-story, but again something that expands the characters with maybe a little comedy rather than just irrelevancies.

I'm not a writer so I might not know what I'm talking about but I think I'd rather watch something akin to that than what we got.
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