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I think the problem, and this is basically the only era in which I agree with the folks who think that VOY/ENT is totally bad, is the texture of the shows. Even when there was a "space is disease and danger" moment, be it B'Elanna and Tom floating in space respectively Trip and Malcolm floating in space (after a movie like Gravity this stuff seems retroactively very bad) or Archer being shortly exposed to the vacuum of space it nonetheless feels like we are still in Kansas although it should feel like we are in mortal danger.
But apart from these textural problems and some repetitive scripts (anybody forgot that TNG started with "The Naked Now"?) the show is like any other Trek show, most of the times OK and sometimes even good.

I do not think that you can avoid repetitions, similar patterns or a general feeling of familiarity. Take the new movies, while they feel totally different to anything that came before and pretend marketing-wise that they are semi-revolutionary they are script-wise the most extreme examples of repetition or reusage.
It's a dilemma familiar from music, you want the band you like to repeat one of their first albums that you liked so much and hate their new stuff ... but when you actually encounter musicians who do not innovate and do the same stuff they did ten years ago you hate it as well. In the case of Trek these means that we fans constantly whine about continuity obsession and all that repetitive stuff ... but our own rough ideas about a story or the hypothetically best future direction of Trek are total fanwank.
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