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Found myself nodding at a lot of these comments, fans didn't exactly embrace a lot of the changes they tried to make, couple this with an unadventurous studio and it's not a surprise that it had a very similar atmosphere as previous Trek's, especially in the beginning.

If you think about Star Trek over the years has created it's own sub genres of story types and character relationships which it returns to time and time again, you see the same themes with different main characters and differently named aliens all the time, my DS9-ENT example fitting this well. It seems that every character needs a difficult relationship with a parent/child which then has to be resolved by the end of the episode, TNG did a lot of this, DS9 with Jake and Sisko was a refreshing change and one that worked, Torres and Paris in Voyager both had this element and then Mayweather did in Ent. I know it's hard to build these things up over an episode but it would have been really nice to have seen family ties built up a bit more and actually have some depth, with Ents continuity and later serialised arcing there's no reason why this couldn't have been done.

I like that they were enthusiastic, it made for some nice moments and I don't mean moments like "look we've made the first TNG era forcefield and first proper use of a transporter for people" but things we can relate to like seeing a new planet for the first time and being in awe of it, I wish they'd never used transporters in Ent! There should have been more about their isolation and space actually seeming big like in early TNG. Would have been nice to emphasise that it is a small ship, perhaps through the eyes of a lower crewman with little personal space looking back at the "pale blue dot" of Earth of something to get across that these aren't seasoned space vets who have been doing it for hundreds of years.

I'm probably being a bit unfair, Detained, Fallen Hero and Desert Crossing were all quite good episodes that put something new into the mix and like any first season you will have the shaky eps. Like has been previously said though, fans don't want new they want old, Stargate Universe tried something completely new and look where that got them :/.
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