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Default Young TOS/TNG fans still exist!

Gotta share this story with you all.

A friend, who is also a fan, works at a local movie theater.
He was cleaning up the room, when he heard children outside in the hallway leading up to the different theaters in the building. There are some full-size cardboard pictures of Trek characters on display, and he heard a kid go "Oooh there's Mr. Spock! Spocky, Spocky!" before the group apparenty reached another one, screaming "OOH Captain Kirk!!!"
Turns out it was a birthday trip to the movies, and the kid was a huge fan.
It was his birthday, and when he saw the large poster of the Enterprise D on the wall of that particular theater, he told the other kids: "Oooooh that is the Enterprise from the second Star Trek series! I wanna get to the wall! I wanna sit next to the Enterprise!!"

My friend watches this and tells the mother how nice it is to know that there are still Star Trek fans around. The kid hears that and gives him the Vulcan salute. My friend salutes back, and the kid runs to him and tells him how 'Live long and prosper' is so much cooler than 'May the force be with you'.
Friend's boss has noticed the commotion and mumbles complaints because the kids are too loud. My friend's response: "Well... when 10-12 year olds vocally cheer about some Star Trek cardboard standees, in my view they can be as loud as they want."

"English! I thought I dreamed hearing it!"?
Khan, Space Seed (TOS)

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