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I'm dying to see 'Gravity' but the damn thing doesn't open for another two weeks so I'm trying to avoid as many spoilers as possible.

I think science fiction is going through a resurgence just now across the range from space opera stuff to that which has a less fantastical and more technical edge. I'm a fan of 'Children of Men', 'Looper', 'Moon' etc and while I'd agree 'Oblivion' is less than the sum of it's parts it one of the most beautiful looking films of the year.

'Source Code' and also 'The Adjustment Bureau' I like but the former is a skoosh on the silly side sometimes, though I guess so is the latter............still both hugely entertaining though.

The only 'new' director just now I'm not jumping on the bandwagon of is Neil Blomkamp. 'Elysium' is actually about the worst film I've seen this year and I'm not big on 'District 9'. Both lack subtlety and nuance which I wouldn't mind if the perception didn't seem to be they were. Or maybe it's just me reacting badly to them. Either way, just now I don't rate him very highly.

I think there were fewer films like that in the 90's and 00's though. There were sci fi films made which are very good ('Twelve Monkeys', 'Contact' etc) though.
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