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Default A New Golden Cinema Age of Hard Science Fiction?

Moon, Europa Report and Gravity are hard science fiction movies with strong seventies retro vibes from the last years. Oblivion, while being one of these typical end-of-the-world sci-fi flicks which are produced in raw amounts, is visually having at least some mild seventies vibes.
So I wonder whether this is just me finally appreciating hard sci-fi again after having read too much Asimov as a kid and perceiving a trend where none is or whether other folks also see something similar.

Furthermore I wanna raise the question of whether sci-fi in general is becoming better. I do not recall many outstanding sci-fi movies from the nineties or early noughties but Cuar?n's and Jones' two movies (Children of Men, Gravity, Moon, Source Code), Bixby's Man From Earth, District 9, Looper, Chronicle and last but not least von Trier's Melancholia is the kind of stuff which makes you believe that cinema is still a kind of art and not just pop corn entertainment.
So I wonder whether this is just me or a simple perception bias, remembering the recent stuff better than the older stuff, or whether there is something to my hunch.
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