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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
I agree, Cumberbatch's character was well-written but more of a generic villain than Khan.
In my opinion the main cause for this was the ahistoricity of the plot (it took OldSpock to tell them what should have been in their history books!), Khan appeared to be more of a out-of-the-blue character than a shadow from the past.
I will admit, that although it was great seeing Nimoy again, this was one scene that could've been done a different way, and felt more like an excuse to bring him back for just one more.

I've bought "Khan" and am enjoying it so far. Heh, when I was at the comic store, one patron commented: "Ugh, the bad Khan." I looked at him quizzically. He continued: "Sorry, but he's just not a good Khan." He didn't quite like it when I pointed out that this Khan kicked more *** in two minutes on screen than the original Khan did in Space Seed and TWoK put together. I reassured the poor fanboy that I did indeed still enjoy the original Khan, but this made me feel like I was watching Khan in action, the way he should've been portrayed.

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