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I went to the comic shop today and put in pre-paid orders for Enterprise D, Enterprise refit, USS Reliant, K't'inga (NATURALLY), USS Defiant, Romulan Warbird, and USS Excelsior.

Also, today I bought a K't'inga miniature for the board game "Star Trek Attack Wing", and a Lambda class Star Wars shuttle for the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures board game. The Lambda class is very well detailed, and will serve as the texturing basis for when I get down to building that model. The K't'inga has some nice hull greebling on the upper and lower wing sections, but it also has hilarious goof....the command section (the dome and the conning tower at the forward crown of the ship) was rotated 90 degrees clockwise.

I also plan on getting, upon its release, the Tantive IV miniature for Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures. This sucker is going to be heavily detailed, and will also serve as the texture basis for when I redo the Tantive IV model I did a couple years ago. It's also going to be big. Not as big as it should be, but it will definitely be big. All the fighter miniatures, up to the Millennium Falcon, are to scale with each other (1/270). But the Tantive IV would be too large if they stuck with that scale, so they had to resize it. It's still big enough so that it is recognized as a capital ship on the board, but not so big that it is impractical. (The Tantive IV is 150 meters long, in Star Wars lore).

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