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If you want to do voices instead of typing in dialog, one convenient tool would be free software called Audacity. You input what you like, lower or raise the pitch to sound like a different person, trim, even cut & paste, and save as wave then easily convert to mp3 with a different free program called Wav2MP3 Wizard. You can even input Klingon dialog slowly and speed it up without changing the pitch, as well as mixing music and sound effects on separate tracks, all of which can be adjusted more easily than with a studio mixing board. You could perhaps get others to do voices and send their results by e-mail or Dropbox for you to mix into your final production, maybe even work via Skype. There are lots of Audacity tutorials on YouTube. You can also record various Trek sound effects from YouTube and place them wherever you like on an Audacity sound track and give them your desired relative volume.

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